120KW-160KW Dual-Gun Integrated DC Charging Pile

Unrivaled Power Meets Groundbreaking Efficiency

Description : 

Embrace the power of high-speed EV charging with the Blitzcharge 120KW-160KW Dual-Gun Integrated DC Charging Pile. This advanced charging station redefines the boundaries of efficiency and power, designed to cater to the most demanding electric vehicle charging requirements.

With rated power options of 120KW and 160KW, this cutting-edge charging pile is equipped with two charging guns, each capable of delivering an impressive 250A. The unique dual-gun design allows the simultaneous charging of two vehicles, reducing wait times and enhancing the productivity of your charging station.

Built to perform, the Blitzcharge Dual Gun Charging Pile utilizes a forced cooling system to maintain optimal working temperatures, thus ensuring consistent high-power performance. With LAN and 4G options for background communication, you can easily monitor and manage your charging pile in real-time, ensuring seamless operations.

The charging pile is constructed to withstand both indoor and outdoor environments with an IP54 rating, providing protection against dust and splashing water. Despite its high power, it maintains a compact form with dimensions of 700mm x 450mm x 1700mm, and weights of 240KG and 280KG (including module), making it a robust yet space-efficient solution.

In terms of input characteristics, it operates with an input voltage of 380VAC±15%, and a Triphase+N+PE wiring arrangement. With a frequency range of 45Hz-65Hz and a power factor of 194A to 259A, it maximizes power usage while keeping harmonics to a minimum (≤5%).
For output, the charging pile delivers a broad voltage range of 100-1000VDC, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of EVs. It can accommodate different charging strategies, such as 60KW+60KW or 80KW+80KW, based on your requirements. It stands out with a peak efficiency of 95% and maintains an output voltage error of ≤±0.5%, voltage stabilization accuracy of ≤±0.5%, and a precision of steady current of ≤±1%.

Built to withstand varying environmental conditions, it operates flawlessly within a temperature range of -20 ~ +50°C and can be stored within -40 to +80°C. Its performance remains stable up to an altitude of 2000m, without any derating requirement, exhibiting its robustness and adaptability.
Elevate your EV charging experience with the Blitzcharge 120KW-160KW Dual-Gun Integrated DC Charging Pile. With its unprecedented power and precision, coupled with safety and design efficiency, this charging pile delivers unmatched performance, making it the ultimate solution for your high-power EV charging needs.

Basic Index Values 

Rated Power 120KW  ||| 160KW
Gun Count 2(250A) 
Heat -dissipating method 
Forced Cooling
Operating EnvironmentIndoor or Outdoor (IP 54)
Size (L*W*H)700*450*1700mm
Weight (KG)240 (Inclusion module,120kW||280 inclusion mode ,160kW
Background CommunicationLAN/4G

Input Characteristics 

Input Voltage 380VAC±15%,Triphase+N+PE
Frequency 45Hz-65 Hz
Rated input current 
194A (120KW)||259 A (160 KW)
Power factor ≥0.99
Harmonic ≤5%

Output Characteristics

Voltage range100-1000VDC
Maximum currentAgun:250A Bgun:250A ,120 (kW)||Agun:250A Bgun: 250A (160 kW)
Charging strategy60KW+60KW|| 80KW+80KW
Peak efficiency95%
Output voltage error≤±0.5%
Input voltage error≥30A ,≤±1%; <30A ,≤±0.3A
Voltage stabilization accuracy
Precision of steady current
Crest crest

Environmental Index 

Operating temperature
-20 ~ +50°C
Storage temperature
-40 〜+80°C
Relative humidity
5~90%RH,Condensation free
The derating > 2000m is not required for 2000m. The operating temperature decreases by 1°C for every 100 m rise

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