60KW-80KW Dual Gun Integrated DC Charging Pile

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Description : 

Experience state-of-the-art charging capabilities with the Blitzcharge 60KW-80KW Dual Gun Integrated DC Charging Pile. Engineered for superior performance, this robust charging pile brings together power, precision, and intelligent design to cater to all your high-power electric vehicle (EV) charging needs.

Featuring a choice of rated power output between 60KW and 80KW, this charging pile embodies a dual-gun design, with each gun capable of delivering up to 250A. This allows for simultaneous charging of two vehicles, significantly enhancing the efficiency of your charging operations.

To ensure the integrity of its performance, the Blitzcharge Dual Gun Charging Pile employs forced cooling, efficiently dissipating heat and maintaining optimum working temperatures. It offers both LAN and 4G options for background communication, ensuring seamless connectivity for real-time monitoring and control.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this charging pile is rated IP54 for ingress protection, guarding against dust and splashing water. With dimensions of 7004001600mm and weights of 190KG and 220KG (including module), it offers a powerful yet compact charging solution.

In terms of input characteristics, the charging pile operates with an input voltage of 380VAC±15%, with Triphase+N+PE wiring. It features a frequency range of 45Hz-65Hz and a power factor of ≥0.99, signifying efficient utilization of power. The rated input current varies between 97A and 129A, depending on the chosen power rating.
For output characteristics, the charging pile offers a voltage range of 100-750VDC, allowing it to cater to a wide variety of EVs. It can manage different charging strategies like 40KW+20KW or 40KW+40KW based on your needs. Its precision is unmatched, with a peak efficiency of 95%, an output voltage error of ≤±0.5%, and voltage stabilization accuracy of ≤±0.5%.

Operating effectively in a temperature range of -20 ~ +50°C and able to withstand storage temperatures from -40 to +80°C, the charger can handle diverse environmental conditions. Its performance remains robust up to an altitude of 2000m without requiring derating, a testament to its adaptability.

The BlitzCharge 60KW-80KW Dual Gun Integrated DC Charging Pile sets new standards for power, reliability, and efficiency in EV charging. Backed by rigorous testing and strict adherence to safety norms, it stands as the perfect choice for those seeking an elite, high-power charging solution. Discover the difference high-performance charging can make with the BlitzCharge 60KW-80KW Dual Gun Integrated DC Charging Pile.

Basic Index Values 

Rated Power 60KW  & 80KW
Gun Count 2(250A) 
Heat -dissipating method 
Forced Cooling
Operating EnvironmentIndoor or Outdoor (IP 54)
Size (L*W*H)700*400*1600mm
Weight (KG)190 (Inclusion module,60kW||220 inclusion mode ,80kW
Background CommunicationLAN/4G

Input Characteristics 

Input Voltage 380VAC±15%,Triphase+N+PE
Frequency 45Hz-65 Hz
Rated input current 
97A (60KW)||129 A (80 KW)
Power factor ≥0.99
Harmonic ≤5%

Output Characteristics

Voltage range100-750VDC
Maximum currentAgun:150A Bgun:150A 60 (kW)||Agun:200A Bgun: 200A (80 kW)
Charging strategy40KW+20KW ||40KW+40KW
Peak efficiency95%
Output voltage error≤±0.5%
Input voltage error≥30A ,≤±1%; <30A ,≤±0.3A
Voltage stabilization accuracy
Precision of steady current
Crest crest

Environmental Index 

Operating temperature
-20 ~ +50°C
Storage temperature
-40 〜+80°C
Relative humidity
5~90%RH,Condensation free
The derating > 2000m is not required for 2000m. The operating temperature decreases by 1°C for every 100 m rise

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