7KW Wall-Mounted DC Charging Pile (IP54)

Your Dependable Partner for Electric Vehicle Charging

Description : 

Experience the future of electric vehicle (EV) charging with the BlitzCharge 7KW Wall-Mounted DC Charging Pile. This device combines cutting-edge technology with rugged durability to provide an efficient and secure charging experience for your EV.

Engineered for optimum performance, the BlitzCharge 7KW Charging Pile offers an extensive input voltage range of 90Vac to 265Vac, catering to various power supply conditions. With a maximum output power of 7KW, constant power above 350V, and an adjustable output voltage range of 100Vdc to 750Vdc, this charging pile is designed for fast and efficient charging.

The device offers a maximum output current of 20A and an impressive output power factor of greater than 0.99 at 50-100% load, which assures optimal performance and power utilization during charging. In addition, the output leakage current value is less than 3.5mA at 264Vac, guaranteeing the safety of the charging process.

Constructed for harsh conditions, the BlitzCharge 7KW Charging Pile operates effectively within a temperature range of -20°C to 55°C and can withstand humidity up to 93% relative humidity. It's protected with an IP54 rating, indicating a high level of resistance to dust and water splashes.

Encased in a durable metal plate, with a size dimension of 380490160mm and a net weight of less than 18KG (including the charging gun), the charging pile is compact, easy to mount, and hard-wearing. Furthermore, the device ensures quiet operation with noise levels less than 60dB(A).

Protection is a priority with the BlitzCharge Charging Pile. It features comprehensive safeguards against low voltage, over voltage, leakage, over temperature, over current, and MCU function errors. It also includes an abnormal charging gun protection mechanism for additional safety.

User-friendliness is at the heart of this charging pile's design. The Flash LED and 4.3 inch OLED status display make monitoring your charging process easy and convenient. Communication modes include plug and use (standard), card charging (optional), and 4G and LEN (both optional), offering versatility based on your needs.

This wall-mounted DC charging pile adheres to GB/T 18487.1/.2 and GB-T 27930 standards and conforms to ETSI300132-3 for surge current, demonstrating its commitment to quality and safety. Choose BlitzCharge 7KW Wall-Mounted DC Charging Pile, your reliable companion for your EV charging needs.

Product Specifications

Mode of connection
Input voltage range
Single phase 90V ac to 265V ac

Maximum output power
7kW, constant power 350V above
Maximum output current
Adjustable output voltage range
Output leakage current
Output power factor
≥0.99@220Vac 50-100% Load
Operating temperature
-20℃ to 55℃
Max. 93% (relative humidity)
IP rate
Cooling mode
Forced cooling
Housing material
Metal Plate
Net weight
≤18KG(With head)
Output wire
5M 9-hole DC head
Protection mechanism
Against Low voltage, over voltage, leakage protection, over temperature protection, over current, over voltage protection, abnormal gun protection, over temperature protection, MCU function error detection
Status display
LED,4.3 inch OLED 
Communication mode
Plug and use (standard), card charging (optional), 4G (optional), LEN (optional) 
GB/T 18487.1/.2、GB-T 27930 、 ETSI300132-3(Surge current)
Input Current 32A

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