7kW AC Charging Pile-II

Advanced, Efficient, and Reliable Charging for Your Electric Vehicle

Description : 

Introducing the Blitzcharge 7kW AC Charging Pile, a cutting-edge charging solution designed to meet the needs of modern electric vehicle owners. This sophisticated charging pile amalgamates potent power delivery, efficiency, and the highest safety standards to offer an unrivaled charging experience.

Powered by a single-phase AC input voltage range of 220~240VAC, the BlitzCharge 7kW AC Charging Pile provides a maximum output current of 32A. Efficient and quick, it operates at a frequency of 50Hz with a maximum input current of 32A.
Enjoy seamless charging with our user-friendly device, featuring a generous 5-meter output wire length for versatile charging situations. It offers plug-and-play/card start-stop functionality, along with optional 4G and LEN connectivity. Plus, with our OTA upgrade feature, your device stays up-to-date.

At Blitzcharge, your safety is our priority. This charging pile comes equipped with a multitude of protective mechanisms, including protection against low and high voltage, lightning strikes, grounding faults, overcurrent, control signal fault detection, leakage, over-temperature, and MCU function errors.

The Blitzcharge 7kW AC Charging Pile is built for durability and convenience. Capable of functioning in temperatures ranging from -25℃ to 55℃, it can withstand up to 95% relative humidity and operate at altitudes up to 2000 meters. It comes with an IP55 rating, ensuring resistance to dust and water jets from any direction, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Despite its powerful features, this charging pile maintains a compact footprint with dimensions of 460*220*200mm and a lightweight design of ≤6.6 KG (with head), ensuring ease of installation and adaptability to any space. The natural cooling mode helps maintain the optimal operating temperature.

This charging pile complies with GB/T 18487.1/.2, GB/T20234.1/.2, GB/T 33594, GB/T 34657.1 standards, offering a reliable and safe charging solution.

With a 4.3" OLED display and LED water lamp for status indication, the Blitzcharge 7kW AC Charging Pile ensures a streamlined and user-friendly charging experience. Choose Blitzcharge for your electric vehicle charging requirements - a harmonious blend of power, efficiency, and safety.

Product Specifications

AC input voltage range 220~240VAC 
AC connection cable distribution mode L,N,PE 
AC Maximum input current 32A 
Frequency 50Hz 
Maximum current output 32A 
Output leakage current as value ≤38mA 
Operating temperature -25℃~ 55℃ 
Humidity  Max. 95% (relative humidity) 
Altitude ≤2000m  
IP Rate IP55  
Cooling mode Natural cooling  
Size(L*W*H)  460*220*200mm 
Housing Material ABS+PC 
Net weight ≤6.6Kg(With head) 
Output line length 5M 
Against Low voltage, over voltage, lightning strike protection, grounding fault, over
current, control signal fault detection protection, leakage protection, over
temperature, MCU function error detection
Status display4.3 "OLED display, LED water lamp
Plug and play/swipe card start-stop, scan code charging; 4G (optional), Bluetooth, support OTA upgrade 
Standard GB/T 18487.1/.2, GB/T20234.1/.2, GB/T 33594, GB/T 34657.1

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