3.5kW Portable Electric Vehicle Charging Box 

Compact Powerhouse with Smart Functionality

Description : 

The Blitzcharge 3.5kW Portable Electric Vehicle Charging Box is the perfect blend of power, convenience, and advanced technology. It's more than a charger—it's a smart assistant that takes care of your electric vehicle charging needs.

This charging box is designed with an innovative voice prompt feature and a 1.3-inch OLED display, allowing real-time tracking of the charging state. It offers customizable output currents from 5A to 16A, ensuring the perfect charge for your vehicle. You can also pre-set your charging time for added convenience.

Safety is at the forefront of our design. Equipped with high-temperature detection, leakage protection, and over/under voltage protection, it guarantees a safe charging environment. Moreover, its lightning protection and other detection protection functions ensure that both your vehicle and charger stay secure in any condition.

The charging box is compatible with a single-phase input voltage range of 220~240VAC and connects via a 16A plug (L, N, PE). It can deliver a maximum input current of 16A and offers multiple maximum current output options of 5A, 8A, 10A, 13A, and 16A. This allows for flexibility and efficiency in charging.

Designed for durability and convenience, our charging box is made with robust ABS+PC material. Despite its compact size (2209472mm) and light weight (≤2KG with head), it delivers powerful performance. The 5-meter output wire length offers easy maneuverability for hassle-free charging.

The device operates efficiently between -25℃ and 55℃, with a maximum relative humidity of 95% and an altitude of ≤2000m. It boasts an IP55 rating, signifying suitability for indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, natural cooling is integrated into the design, ensuring the charging box stays cool even during high power output.

Aligning with GB/T 18487.1-2015, GB/T 18487.2-2017, GB/T 20234.1-2015 standards, the Blitzcharge 3.5kW Portable Electric Vehicle Charging Box is your trusted partner for flexible, secure, and efficient electric vehicle charging. Experience the future of charging today with Blitzcharge.

Voltage Specifications

Input Voltage RangeSingle phase 220~240VAC 
Connection wiring mode L,N,PE(16A plug) 
Maximum input current 16A 
Frequency 50Hz 
Maximum current output 5A、8A、10A、13A、16A 
Leakage flow value ≤38mA 

Exterior Structure Specifications

Size(L*W*H) 220*94*72mm 
Housing material ABS+PC 
Net weight ≤2KG(With head) 
Output wire length 5M 
Status display 1.3 inch OLED 

Environment Specifications

Operating temperature -25℃-55℃ 
Humidness Max. 95% (relative humidity) 
Altitude ≤2000m 
IP rate IP55 
Cooling mode Natural cooling 

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